Quick History of Philanthropy

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This fella right here was called Plato. When he wasn’t busy posing for really grumpy looking busts, he spent most of his time philosophizing. Now I don’t have the time or inclination to explain all the stuff this guy was up to so we’ll just focus on one of his most enduring contributions: philanthropia, or “a state of well-educated habits stemming from love of humanity. A state of being productive of benefit to humans.” Or, more concisely, a plea to be decent to each other.

Fast forward 2470 or so years: quite a bit has happened in the philanthropy department. Here’s an approximate timeline:


We’ll act under the assumption that you have a passing familiarity with the first three events and jump right into the fourth. Nobly is a social network for goodwill. Our plan is to create and distribute a platform that gives users (and charitable organizations) a fun, seamless way to request and perform acts of good. These can be big acts (volunteering once a week at a local shelter, starting a community-wide food drive) or small acts (giving your neighbor a ride to work).

In the future, we’ll use this very blog as a megaphone for our progress in the architecture of the platform. We’ll also be assembling a team of rockstar writers to publish high-quality content about modern-day folks living Plato’s vision of philanthropia (see: we brought it full-circle). Know someone who’d be an ideal contributor? Give us a holler.

So do what you do: bookmark us, follow us on social, tell your mom about us, whatever. Just please stay tuned: big things are on the horizon.