Intro to Nobly Best XI

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Yesterday’s match between Brazil and Croatia marked the beginning of the planet’s most enthralling and important sporting tournament. The World Cup is a truly magnificent event where the presumed irreconcilability of different cultures and people is cast aside in the name of a collective love for the game. I have personally had the good fortunate of attending two Cups and can attest to its awesome power.

In honor of the occasion, and in the spirit of Nobly, we’d like to spend some time with the people and organizations that epitomize the very best of soccer. Those who use it as a vehicle for love and change and recognize it as a sport with a unique ability to bridge gaps and improve lives. So for the next eleven days, we’ll be highlighting a different soccer-related charity.

Spend some time watching their videos, reading their stories and getting to know them. Look, we can’t help but idolize the Neymars and the Ronaldos of the world. But, even so, we must endeavor to remember that, long after the sun sets on the Maracanã, these folks are the ones who will still be on the frontlines, contending against poverty, disease and violence. Here are our Nobly Best XI:


One World Futbol

Charity Ball

Grassroot Soccer

Craig Bellamy Foundation

Soccer Without Borders


Football Aid

Steve Nash Foundation Showdown

Soccer in the Streets

Peace Passers