Food for thought

Thanksgiving Leftovers

By December 2, 2014March 30th, 2016No Comments

I don’t know if your family is one where folks go around the table on Thanksgiving rattling off things that they’re grateful for. Mine isn’t. I don’t read too much into it; it’s not a reflection on entitlement. Because most of the folks in my circle are fairly content, we simply take this contentment as mutually understood. We don’t feel compelled to express it, even on a holiday so apt for the verbal expression of good.

What would change that? What single thing would make us more likely to offer up examples of our gratitude on a regular basis? The answer is perspective.

If we knew that our expressions of gratitude had the potential to inspire and activate others, we’d be more inclined to share them on a regular basis. 

(Just look at the splash Roy Hibbert made on Instagram with one opportune post a few months ago.)

Our goal with Nobly is to make viral kindness commonplace. Are you with us?