Donor Pays Off City Ballet Debt

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A couple of weeks ago, Jason Cobb, company manager of the Columbia City Ballet, headed down to the bank to make a monthly payment on the company’s $148,000 debt. It’s a debt the ballet company had been carrying since 2003, to varying degrees, and each month the organization paid $957 on it. Cobb was scrambling because the check was due. But when he approached a banker, he was told the payment wasn’t needed — that the debt had been paid, in full. Incredulous, Cobb headed back to the Columbia City Ballet office and told Director William Starrett that there must be a mistake. Starrett thought there must be a mistake, too, asking Cobb if he’d gone to the right bank. Then they made a couple phone calls, “and sure enough, it had been paid off,” Starrett recalls. “[The bank] said someone had come in yesterday and paid the entire bill.”

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