More than anything, Nobly is about empowering individuals to do and spread good deeds. We believe that each of our users has the power to harness good deeds to influence others and spread positivity. But, from time to time, we do like to spotlight brands that are going above and beyond to perpetuate good.

Try to contain for a moment, if you can, your presumed cynicism about corporate philanthropy and accountability. Because if you drill down into the Starbucks community service or Kind Snacks Kindness Challenges, you may be surprised at the lengths these corporations go to in order to affect actual, measurable change (although we could probably help them out in the measurable department; take it from Kind, it ain’t easy).

Indeed, doing well and doing good can exist independently of each other and, all too often, do. But there’s also a sweet spot where doing well begets doing good. Cheers to the businesses, and people, who live in that space.