RAK Spotlight

Alex from Washington

By April 13, 2015March 27th, 2016No Comments

This adorable little munchkin is Alex. And although she is young of years and slight of stature, she is a freaking force when it comes to getting out the good. 

Earlier this year, the plucky 8 year-old set out to perform 600 random acts of kindness for strangers. She recently completed that task, just shy of what would have been her grandmother’s 60th birthday, as a tribute. A local news piece on Alex outlined a typical day for her. It went something like this: up at 5AM, volunteering at a local Mission by 6AM, breakfast at IHOP including footing the bill for a couple in town because their relative was in a local hospital for cancer treatment, tipping the server $100 and on and on. To the tune of 50-60 RAKs in a single day.

Alex is an awesome piece of motivation and positive reinforcement for what we’re trying to do with Nobly. She’s the gold standard for good deeds. And if one 8 year-old can make such a splash, imagine what we can do collectively.