After interviewing Neil Shah, he connected me with some students currently going through Code Tenderloin’s 5 week boot camp. With different backgrounds and experiences, each student revealed their lives before C, how CT has helped them, and also shared their future plans. For those unfamiliar with CT, they are a non-profit based out of San Francisco, whose mission it to provide coding classes to the homeless in the surrounding area and assist them with job placement thereafter. For more details (and how CT got it’s name), head on over to our intro where we chat with one of the founders, Neil Shah.

Our journey with Code Tenderloin continues with Marvin, one of the students nearing the end of the bootcamp.

Originally from Oakland, CA, Marvin made the move to San Francisco in hopes of leading a better life. Marvin was connected with Neil Shah through a friend and “the rest is history”. Now in the 4th week of the 5-week bootcamp, Marvin already sees more for himself than ever before. Upon completing the program, he hopes to interview with TechSF, where he could take software engineering classes and obtain a certification.

I asked Marvin if coding was something he saw himself doing long-term. According to him, the question has one, clear answer. With a business background, Marvin not only sees himself coding but says “it has been confirmed” that coding will pervade the job market.



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On top of gaining new skills, Marvin has discovered himself in the CT program. The Oakland native says that CT has not only allowed him to advance in the technical world, but he thinks clearer, is more organized, and has his priorities straight.

Marvin hopes that CT and programs like it will not only work to help people better themselves and gain employment, but that these kinds of programs will encourage diversity. Marvin expressed his wishes to see African Americans holding more significant roles in the tech world.

Marvin is one of many who have taken advantage of CT’s program. With the help of the boot camp, his skills have expanded and he has gained more perseverance to succeed.