Code Tenderloin is a non-profit organization that takes in the homeless and unemployed and produces in them a sustainable workforce mentality. By learning to code, CT students are better suited for positions that currently pervade the job market. One of CT’s more recent graduates, Andre, shared with me his experience with CT and what it has enabled him to do. Through speaking with Andre, I was able to get a feel of how life-changing CT really is. Not only does the organization teach coding, but revives passion in every student and instills in them a desire to succeed.

“Ever since I got with CT, things have gotten better and better every day”

Andre made the move from Sacramento to San Francisco 4 years ago, facing both homelessness and unemployment. After an 8-month stay in the shelter system, Andre entered into the culinary field and started working at a bakery. Although the passion was there, the money was not. Two and a half years of working for the bakery and enduring unfair treatment left Andre unable to live sustainably yet again, which is where CT comes into the picture.

Andre decided to give the boot camp a shot upon meeting with Neil Shah, one of the company’s founders. Since beginning the boot camp, Andre has gotten help updating his resume, been refreshed on interview and etiquette, and has also honed in on the skills he already possesses in order to further himself in the tech world.

Currently in the 4th week of the program, Andre sees more for himself than ever before. He now works for a company called WeWork, making the workspace a suitable atmosphere for employees.

On top of being a baker, Andre has been able to express his creative abilities through coding. The program has piqued Andre’s interests in coding for game making and creating webpages and phone apps.

Although his creative side is expressed in the tech field right now, Andre hopes to revisit his passion for culinary arts in the future. With CT, Andre has been given opportunity. Not only has coding opened the doors to immediate employment, but has also encouraged Andre to keep pursuing his love for baking. Andre shared that some day he would love to have a food truck that serves freshly made baked goods every day.

Andre left me with some advice that goes for anyone…

No matter where you are in life and no matter where you come from,

it’s never too late to change your path…

“It may not all happen at once, but you’ll get there if you try hard enough”