The Charitable Society of Charleston (CSC) is a company that serves the needs of non-profit organizations in the Charleston community. Inspired to make a difference, Ben Thrash started CSC in 1992 with the help of some friends. Their combined ambition has enabled the company to grow all over the Charleston area. CSC continues to develop on a monthly basis by increasingly getting involved with more charities. In addition to establishing community wellness in Charleston, CSC specifically works with charities that help children, the elderly, and individuals with special needs.

President on the Board of Directors, Frances Simmons got involved with CSC after graduating from Clemson University in 2013. After hearing about CSC through a friend, Frances said the company was exactly what he wanted to be a part of, as their fellowship and impact in the community are “what makes this group so special.” He was attracted to CSC’s mission, filled out the paperwork to become a member, and has since been a part of the growing organization.

Frances isn’t the only one who was impressed by the organization’s work. People agree that the “best thing about CSC is the genuine heart for service of the members.” Members involved go out into the community weekly, serving a variety of projects. They hang out with the boys at Windwood Farm to play board games and bring pizza, visit the Sweetgrass Village Senior Living and play bingo with the residents, play games with the residents at One80 Place, and assemble over a dozen care packages for East Cooper Meals on Wheels. CSC has also involved themselves with the Charleston community in light of the recent shootings, with members participating in prayer services and unity events to show their respect and support.

CSC receives its funding from different events and member dues. Proceeds from annual fundraising events such as the Reindeer Run 5k and the Oyster Roast assist CSC in donating to the organizations they’re involved with. Additionally, CSC’s endowment fund with Coastal Community Foundation (CCF) has enabled them long-term financial stability, and aids them in annually providing charities with grants. Since January 2015, the organization has donated over 1 million dollars to charities within the Greater Charleston area.

CSC’s success wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the hearts of the people involved. Frances says the “ consistent volunteering in the community truly shows the heart for service and commitment of our members.” Through CSC’s weekly support of charities, they not only assist financially, but also build relationships with the people they visit. The Windwood Farm boys and the residents at Sweetgrass Village both expect and enjoy their visits.

Membership is a key component in CSC, as the organization is 100% volunteer based. With potential fluctuation of members, CSC’s mission may meet some difficulties, but keeps stable. The organization is always looking for people to get involved to keep up their weekly volunteer events and to ensure their fundraising is met. The more members, the more CSC can grow and impact Charleston. They have also been trying to establish themselves in social media to spread their mission. Frances hopes the company’s growth, service, and endowment fund will allow CSC to continually provide for the community for years to come.

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