What is BoomTownLOVE?

BoomTownLOVE is a volunteer program based out of BoomTown, a tech company located in Charleston, SC, that helps real estate businesses establish an online presence. The program began in 2008 with the mission of improving the lives of those in the Charleston community through social innovation. BoomTownLOVE seeks to engage its employees with their community and primarily focuses on educating Charleston’s youth in technical skills that could prepare them for their future.

For community engagement, they have partnered with various nonprofit organizations for outreach support, such as the Carolina Youth Development Center, where they spend time with the foster children there. They’re also connected with different health initiatives, such as the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Komen Race for the Cure.

Community Outreach

BoomTownLOVE also cofounded CodenON (Coding in Our Neighborhoood), which is a program devoted to exposing and educating the Charleston youth on technical skills they need to cross the socioeconomic divide.

One of the driving forces behind BoomTownLOVE and its involvement with CodeON is Nina Magnesson, the Personal Executive Assistant to Grier Allen, who is the founder of BoomTown. Nina said that Grier “saw enough of all the things to allow me to take this project and run with it as a separate program within BoomTown.”

CodeON is held at the Rosemont Community Center, a popular hang out spot for the youth. BoomTownLOVE  has also partnered with Charleston Women In Tech to run the program at the community’s laundromat “Laundry Matters”. BoomTownLOVE helped launch and currently supports Charleston Women in Tech, where there are over 1,800 members, Nina being one of them.

Volunteer Initiatives

In addition to CodeON, BoomTownLOVE has two other ongoing initiatives: Charleston Meals on Wheels , a program that delivers meals to senior citizens living independently at home, and volunteering at HEART SC on Tuesdays, which is a theatre arts program for developmentally disabled adults.

BoomTownLOVE also supports the Charleston Animal Society through their own BoomTown Chili Cook Off, as well as the Charleston Digital Corridor Foundation at the I5k race, where around 200 people participate to support the local tech community.

Education Within the Company

The company also plans to host a “Beer and Learn” on Earth Day, where the nature conservancy will educate employees on how they can help the Charleston environment. On May 20th, Enough Pie: Awakening V King Tide will visit BoomTown to talk about the rising waters in Charleston through their annual arts event that shines light on Charleston’s upper peninsula. A panel of artists and meteorologists will be discussing global warming and Charleston’s rising waters.

“People come to work for BoomTown from all over the country and are attracted to the company’s passion for outreach.”

BoomTownLOVE exemplifies how when people get together with the desire for outreach, kindness thrives in their community. Are there ways for you to get involved where you live? If not, be encouraged by Nina and the BoomTown employees and maybe start your very own outreach program!